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QBank Questions and Answer Explanations

The Most Challenging Questions and In-Depth Answer Explanations

Quality is more than our goal at UWorld, quality is our obsession. That is why the level of excellence for our questions and our explanations is our calling card. UWorld’s PA QBank is proven to help you learn the material on a deeper level with the integration of active learning. Active learning centers around the principle that students learn by doing. Our industry experts and educators teach the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed on didactics, clinicals, PANCE® and PANRE®. Each answer explanation is meticulously designed to challenge critical thinking skills and includes a vivid illustration, thorough breakdown of why each answer is correct or incorrect, and ends with a highlight of important takeaways.

quotes I LOVE LOVE LOVE the explanations at the end! It helps me fill in knowledge gaps I didn't know I had! This is honestly so amazing.
  — Alaina

PANCE-Style Content Written by Practicing PAs

Practice Questions Written by Accomplished, Practicing PAs

We employ and train the very best PA talent -- professionals with extensive experience who have mastered the high-yield concepts they practice and teach. Our accomplished PAs bring the breadth of medical specialties together into a tight-knit, on-site team that strives daily to better each other and our product.

One-of-a-Kind Images

Vivid Illustrations to Aid in Instruction and Knowledge Retention

Because 65% of people are visual learners, high-quality, detailed imagery is an essential component of our PA QBank. We create every illustration in-house through collaboration between our medical illustrators and PA authors, and we source every pathology slide, clinical image, and radiograph from our extensive network of practicing PAs. We have high-quality ECGs, clinical images of real cases, and comprehensive medical imaging, labeled to help you understand what you’re seeing. Using UWorld means that your learning will be enhanced by powerful visual explanations not found anywhere else, and your knowledge will be enhanced with distinct images not recognized from other sources.

Realistic Test Simulation

QBank Mirrors the PANCE Exam

Our QBank interface is designed to look identical to the actual PANCE exam. When you prep with UWorld, you develop comfort in the testing environment. There are no surprises on exam day. Becoming familiar with the PANCE interface builds pre-test confidence, reduces test-day anxiety, and increases the speed at which you answer questions. You will know exactly what to expect, which allows you to focus on performing at your best. When you take your PANCE exam, it will feel like just another UWorld practice session.

quotes Love the questions. Also love how similar the format is to the EOR/PANCE exams.
  — Kelley

Aligned with the NCCPA® Blueprint

Mapped to NCCPA PANCE Blueprint

Our Question Bank (QBank) features challenging practice questions and detailed explanations that cover every rotation and clinical topic you’ll face on the test and in real-life practice. Our content is mapped according to the NCCPA Blueprint so you’ll have no surprises on exam day. From these questions, you can create unlimited custom practice tests and full-length practice exams that mirror the PANCE Exam interface.

Highest Quality Content

Meticulously Reviewed and Always up to Date

Each practice question we create is rigorously reviewed by multiple team members to ensure that it is pertinent, concise, and understandable. We continuously update our product to keep current with changes in evidence-based medicine and standards of care, to reflect the subject matter tested by the PANCE, and to better serve our students in response to their feedback. We recognize that it is an honor to participate in your education, and we pledge to deliver only content of the highest quality to assist you in your learning and exam preparation.

Customizable Digital Flashcards

Best On-The-Go Review Tool

Master the most heavily tested PA exam topics with our cutting-edge digital flashcards that allow you to identify the content you want to review and when you want to review it. Easily transfer content from your course interface -- such as keywords, diagrams, or images -- onto a new or existing flashcard in mere seconds. Browse, organize, and edit your flashcards easily with the custom tags you can create for more efficient study. And to take the guesswork out of your review sessions, study statistics are available to keep track of your flashcard progress.

quotes Really like the explanations, images, charts, highlight and flashcard feature."
  — Olivia

Spaced Repetition Technology

Research-Supported Study Method

Solidify difficult topics with spaced repetition technology, an evidence-based learning technique to help students study smarter and retain more information. Integrated within the Digital Flashcards study tool, Spaced Repetition Technology presents cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently, and cards you’ve marked as easy less frequently. The spacing of how and when the flashcards are introduced has been proven to increase retention and strengthen memory recall.

Integrated Interface

All Our Tools, Exactly Where You Want Them

We value your time, and in doing so, have designed our system to ensure a streamlined learning experience with a completely integrated platform. For example, you could be working through a difficult question and find you need further explanation. No problem! There’s a link to a supporting image or table that further explains the concept. Want to remember something for later review? Easily transfer content directly from the question to a digital flashcard. These are just a few ways we make it easy to navigate to and access the right tools you need at the right time.

Detailed Reporting — EOR Exams

End of Rotation Performance Tracking & Reports

When preparing for End of Rotation exams, you can gauge your readiness with our precision reporting that details your progress by individual subject. Choose your specific rotation to practice, study, and eventually evaluate your EOR exam and clinical preparedness. This reporting feature, which allows you to isolate your progress by rotation, allows for more efficient and effective EOR study.

quotes Great structure. Great feedback for test performance to identify weak areas and specific topics that are critical to clinical and testing knowledge
  — Brandon

Detailed Reporting — PANCE

PANCE Performance Tracking & Reports

In order to further customize your study for maximum PANCE preparedness, the detailed PANCE reporting shows progress in individual Systems and Categories in order to identify a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Targeting reporting which identifies specific systems and categories for improvement allows for self-remediation and adaptive study which results in PANCE success.

Fully-featured Mobile App

Comprehensive App that Syncs Across Devices

Our mobile app is your all-access pass to our multiple-choice questions, flashcards, detailed reporting and more. The app seamlessly syncs with the desktop version of your QBank, allowing you to easily continue your studies from one device to the next, including Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Whether you’re studying at home, in between class, or on the go, pass faster and maximize your study time with convenient, uninterrupted access to your entire PA QBank right in the palm of your hand.

PA Exam Mobile App Screens

Flexible Start Dates & Extendable Access

Start When You Want, Extend as You Need

We provide the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle. Course packages include a base duration time that will not begin until you are ready to activate. Need more time? Extend your course for as low as $39 a month from within your Student Dashboard. For ultimate flexibility, the Elite-Unlimited Course Package provides free continuing access until you pass the CPA Exam.

quotesThrough the flexibility of the online course and Roger's teaching method, I was able to pass all 4 exams within 1 test window on the first try."
  — Andy Y.

Personalized Study Planners

Organize and Plan Your CPA Exam Approach

We provide 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month study planners that can be customized to meet your needs. Every planner covers all course materials and can be tailored to fit any schedule, allowing for maximum flexibility. For each study day, study planners map out specific topics and lectures to work through. The UWorld Roger CPA Review study planners are the easiest way to make a plan that will work. You know exactly how much studying you need to do to conquer the CPA Exams in the timeframe you have chosen. Now all that is left to do is execute the plan!

quotesI used the 6-month study planner and was able to pass each exam on the first attempt. I cannot thank UWorld Roger CPA Review enough for helping me through this process."
  — Amanda S.

Study Hub

Expert Help on Top CPA Exam Concepts

Everything we do is for our students–so when you need help, we’re here. At every step of your course you’ll find integrated feedback buttons so that you can reach out with any concerns–spanning from content questions to guidance on how best to study. And, the Study Hub is available 24/7 with access to thousands of questions from students with advice from our CPA Exam experts.

quotesThe Study Hub was a great source of assistance as many of the questions I had could be answered based on those already asked and answered by other students."
  — Robert T.

Superior Customer Support

Real People Who Can Help

We believe in the power of a team. Whenever you need help, guidance, or support, we are just a click or phone call away. A friendly team of Customer Support Staff is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you have -- from technical support to CPA Exam guidance. Give us a ring. We’re in this together!

quotesPraesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi. Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Proin eget tortor risus."
  — Jane Doe.

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