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Learning Platform for PAs

Our new Learning Platform for PAs was developed from the feedback of educators like you. This new tool gives teachers and administration the ability to create custom assignments, present in the classroom to supplement curriculum, and monitor students’ performance at every step of the learning process. With thousands of clinically-relevant questions and content-rich rationales to choose from, you can now assign UWorld content and monitor the development of your students’ knowledge and skills.
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The results? Enhanced learning. Increased pass rates. Exam success. A confident transition into clinical practice.

With the UWorld Learning Platform...​

Display the PA LP dashboard

With the UWorld Learning Platform...

Key Highlights

Students win when you partner with us.

We partner with PA programs to help PA students achieve their goal of becoming licensed clinicians. We would love to support you and your students by developing a custom exam prep solution aligned with their needs and your curriculum


We provide students with only the best questions and explanations, which is why over 150k students a year trust us with their licensing exam preparation. 


Our innovative, content-rich rationales, paired with vivid illustrations and images, detail the clinical reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers.


We provide you with comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools to give you insights at the individual classroom or institution level.


With practice questions written at the exam level difficulty, your students will develop the critical and clinical judgment they need to succeed on test day.
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Questions About Bulk Purchase?

We offer bulk pricing/discount for purchases made directly by an institution, typically for the entire class. To qualify for bulk pricing, the order must meet the minimum quantity requirements below.

Learning Platform for PAs (For educators): Contact Us

Bulk pricing is offered for NEW subscription purchases with a minimum quantity per package.

Exact discount amounts will vary based on several factors, including the quantity of the purchase, the product ordered, and any additional requirements such as score reporting. Please provide the estimated number of desired subscriptions and the desired subscription duration to receive an official quote.

You may purchase as many different packages as you like within one order; however, the minimum requirement must be met per package to qualify for the bulk purchase discount prices (e.g., if you purchase 50 subscriptions of the PA 360-day QBank and 1 subscription of the PA 730-day QBank, only the 360-day subscriptions are eligible for the discount. The 730-day subscription will be billed at full price). However, students are provided the option to upgrade to a more extended duration package at the time they redeem their discount code. They will simply need to pay the difference in value between the packages. Therefore, typically one single baseline product is selected for the purchase.

All recipients of a discount code from a bulk purchase must redeem their discount code within the stated deadline (30 days from code issuance). However, the subscription will not automatically activate once it is redeemed. The subscription can be activated at any time following redemption, with no deadline for activation.

A brief overview of the process is as follows:
  1. We provide an official quote for the quantity and duration that is requested.
  2. The purchaser provides an official Purchase Order and a list of participating individuals.
  3. We process the order, and participating individuals will receive a unique discount code via email.
  4. We will provide a final invoice once the order has been processed.
  5. The purchaser will then remit payment per the invoice terms.

Please complete and submit the following form and a member of our team will contact you

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