How To Survive Your Emergency Med Rotation

PA students in their emergency medicine rotation wheeling a patient to the emergency room

Discover helpful tips on making the most of your emergency med rotation in this article written from a PA student with first-hand experience.

Physician Assistant vs. Physician

Physician assistant examines baby with mother watching

For those contemplating a career in healthcare, the “Physician Assistant vs. Physician” question often arises. This article discusses the key differences to consider.

PA QBank New Product Feature: My Notebook

The new UWorld PA My Notebook feature How to get started with the UWorld PA My Notebook feature How to add content to your UWorld PA Notebook Customizing your UWorld PA notebook Adjusting the structure of your UWorld PA Notebook

Start exploring our brand new feature ‘My Notebook’ in your PA QBank. My Notebook helps you to take and organize notes within the practice test interface.

What Are Clinical Rotations in PA School?

PA students discussing clinical rotations

Clinical rotations in PA school are an opportunity for hands-on learning. In this post, we explain what a clinical rotation is all about and what to expect.

PA vs. NP: Similarities and Differences

A physician assistant helping a child

Physician assistant vs nurse practitioner. Which should you choose? In our latest blog post we explore the similarities and differences in the two professions.

How To Prepare for PA Clinical Rotations

PA students preparing for clinical rotations

For PA students facing an upcoming clinical rotation, preparation is key. In this article, we discuss some helpful ways a student can prepare for clinical rotations.

Why Become a Physician Assistant?

a physician assistant explaining why become pa

Discover the reasons why so many people are choosing to become a physician assistant. Read now to learn more about becoming a PA!

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