Improve Recall and Retention With PANCE/PANRE® Flashcards

Use UWorld's custom or pre-built flashcards for PA exam prep to reinforce concepts with adaptive technology. Create your own custom flashcards or leverage our expert-made ReadyDecks to ensure you effectively recall key information on exam day!

Review Your Digital Flashcards to Fill In Learning Gaps Faster

Build a multi-layered learning experience by personalizing your PANCE flashcards based on
your needs or utilize UWorld's PA ReadyDecks to save countless hours.

Quickly Transfer
Key PA Content

Copy text and images from our PA QBank into new or existing flashcards with a few simple clicks

Retain More with
Spaced Repetition

Learn and improve memory recall with our popular spaced repetition feature

Streamline Your Flashcard Browsing

Quickly locate and review flashcards on specific PA exam topics with intuitive tags and filters

Master PA Topics With
Time-Saving Flashcards

Our PA ReadyDecks include everything you need for strategic on-the-go review. PA ReadyDecks contain frequently tested exam content that's ready for review. Developed by UWorld's subject matter experts, our skillfully designed flashcards save you hours in developing your own decks, maximizing efficiency.

Master PA Topics With Time-Saving Flashcards

Get Ahead With Spaced Repetition Technology

Get Ahead With Spaced Repetition Technology

Spaced repetition is a research-backed learning methodology that improves memory recall as you study. Based on how you rate your understanding of the PA concepts on each flashcard, our algorithm will display the card more or less frequently to create an adaptable study experience.

Access Comprehensive Prep
Via PANCE/PANRE Flashcards

Prepare for your PA exams with UWorld's expertly written practice questions and flashcards. As you complete our PA QBank, review core concepts using pre-built ReadyDecks that are representative of each exam topic. Or organize the content on your PANCE/PANRE flashcards by section and subject, ensuring you cover all exam concepts.

Access Comprehensive Prep Via PANCE/PANRE Flashcards

Build Exam Confidence by Reviewing On the Go

Build Exam Confidence by Reviewing On the Go

The UWorld PA mobile app is your all-access pass to our PANCE/PANRE-style practice questions, convenient digital flashcards, and more. The app seamlessly syncs with the desktop version of the UWorld PA QBank, allowing you to save progress and get time back in your day. Study based on your schedule via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Easily download the app on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Interested In Kickstarting Your PA Exam Prep With UWorld?

Sign up for a FREE trial of our PA QBank and ReadyDecks, which includes access to 60 questions and step-by-step question explanations across all PA subjects. In addition, tap into interactive learning tools like student-loved flashcards to ensure exam success. No credit card is required.

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Digital PANCE/PANRE Flashcards

Using digital PA ReadyDecks with time-saving spaced-repetition technology and industry-leading explanations is an excellent way to reinforce complex PANCE/PANRE concepts. Here's how to get the most out of your prep experience:

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Frequently Asked Questions

UWorld’s digital flashcards help you retain your long-term memory by utilizing spaced-repetition learning, also known as the interval learning method. Spaced repetition technology presents cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently and cards you’ve marked as easy less often. The spacing of how and when the flashcards are introduced has been proven to strengthen memory recall, giving you the confidence to succeed on exam day.
Our integrated flashcard tool should be used in conjunction with our PA QBank. Create flashcards as you work through practice problems, and easily transfer source content. Organize your flashcards by topic or subject and add tags for improved searchability. Our flashcard feature gives you the flexibility to study at home or on the go in a quick, easy-to-use format.
To access UWorld’s PA ReadyDecks, visit the website to explore our offerings. Start your 7-day free trial to preview our UWorld’s PA ReadyDecks or purchase a subscription to start your PA journey today!
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