Improving Your Study With Spaced Repetition

Do you feel you can’t possibly retain any more information? Are your flashcards tedious and inefficient? Here’s how spaced repetition can help…

UWorld Launches Exciting New Flashcards Features

UWorld’s new innovative “Flashcards” upgrade just made your PANCE® preparation easier and more effective. Take a look at our recent enhancements, based upon student feedback, in order to capitalize on more efficient study opportunities.

Moving the PA Profession Forward

For students looking to pursue a career in medicine, the PA option has never been more alluring. With projections of escalating salaries, enticing job incentives, broadening specialties, and skyrocketing job opportunities, the PA profession is a career opportunity too good to pass up for many medical students.

Clinical Rotations in a COVID World: My Experience in Family Medicine

“Here, you can go see this patient,” my preceptor said as she handed me a patient’s chart. It was the second day of my first clinical rotation, family medicine. Thanks to COVID-19, I had spent the last four months barely talking to people or leaving my apartment, let alone examining a patient. I wasn’t sure if I even remembered how to use my stethoscope.

What PA Elective Rotations Should I Take?

It’s one of the biggest questions PA students have as they approach their didactic year: What rotations should I choose for my elective rotations?

What I Learned in My PA Surgery Rotation

Sarah A. is a PA-S who recently completed her surgery rotation, and she has some great tips for any students preparing for a surgery rotation.

How to Ace Your PA School Interview

It is important to know how to properly prepare for an interview with a PA program. Follow these tips on how to ace your PA school interview.

Becoming a Physician Assistant: I Choose PA

Female physician assistant and medical colleagues in a hospital setting.

The demand for the services of PAs continues to grow. Let’s explore the many reasons why students are increasingly becoming physician assistants.

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