About the PANRE: Summary of Exam Facts

We can’t overstate the value of recertification and what it means for you as a PA-C designee. Recertification helps PAs provide better care and increases confidence when treating patients. As you may know, PAs are required to take the Physician Assistant Recertification Exam® (PANRE®) during the final two years of the certification maintenance cycle.

To help you prepare for the PANRE exam, we’ve put together a summary of facts about the PANRE exam so you know what to expect on test day.

1. Recertification

By the end of the sixth year (or tenth year) of the certification maintenance cycle, certified PAs must have passed a recertification exam.

2. Eligibility

You are eligible to take the PANRE for recertification if you are:

  • are in the fifth or sixth year of the PA-C certification maintenance cycle, or
  • are in the ninth or tenth year of the PA-C certification maintenance cycle, depending on your recertification cycle

3. About the PANRE Exam

  • Four-hour exam
  • Includes 240 multiple-choice questions
  • Questions are administered in four blocks of 60 questions with 60 minutes to complete each block
  • There is a total of 45 minutes allotted for breaks between blocks

4. Registration

The following are the requirements to register for the PANRE:

  • Register online at the NCCPA website
  • Submit payment of the $350 exam registration fee
  • Schedule your exam anytime within the timeframe established for you to take the exam based on the successful submission of all required materials

5. Resources

The following additional resources will give you an even deeper understanding of the PANRE and the NCCPA’s requirements for you as you prepare to maintain your certification. We recommend that you explore them at your convenience.

If you are a practicing PA prepping for an upcoming PANRE exam and want to optimize your chances of success, explore the free trial of UWorld’s PA QBank. We’ll have you ready to ace the PANCE on exam day.

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