A New Study Feature for Didactics, EOR & PANCE® Prep

Study is simultaneous with PA school. Every PA student knows that hours upon hours of study are required in order to be successful in didactics, end of rotation (EOR) exams and the PANCE.

So, for most PA students, the question isn’t Will I study? — the question they are asking is What do I study?

There is a flood of information that students receive in a PA program, and to study everything — every subject and system — can be intimidating and lead to inefficient study sessions.

There are times when students need to drill down and study specific topics.

The new “Categories” feature in the UWorld PA QBank allows students to do just that.

Previously, students could filter by “Subjects” and “Systems.” But now, students can get even more specific, filtering by “Subjects,” “Systems,” and “Categories.”

With this new feature, it is easier than ever to create practice tests that are specific and targeted to the categories students wish to work on.

How does it work? you ask. Simple . . .

When you create a test, expand each “Systems” (by clicking the “+” icon) and view the categories:

This is a useful tool in preparing for the PANCE or PANRE exam, but it’s effectiveness extends far beyond studying for high-stakes licensure exams.

Having the ability to target specific categories for study is also beneficial to students in their didactic year and for students preparing for EOR exams.

Categories for Didactics

Didactics can often feel like drinking water from a fire hose. So much information is thrown at you that it can seem overwhelming.

That’s why high-performing students like to take time in the evening to review what was covered in class that day.

Categories is the perfect tool for didactic review. Now, you can intuitively find questions in your UWorld QBank that correspond to the material you covered in class that day.

With focused, targeted review, you’ll be more confident, prepared, and knowledgeable when you walk into the classroom each day of PA school.

Categories for EOR Exams

Studying for EOR exams can be extremely stressful for PA students, particularly if they know they have some weaker areas of knowledge. 

This is why the Categories feature is so helpful for students. It allows you to focus on those categories in which you know you need the most work. 

There is no sense in spending an extensive amount of time studying a category that is your strength. If you are going to perform well on your end of rotation exams, you’ll need to spend the majority of your preparation time on weaker categories. 

By the time you take your EOR exams, you should be equally proficient in every subject, system, and category. UWorld’s filtering options will allow you to be more intentional in your study in order to make that possible.

Assess Your Performance with Categories

It’s essential that you know what you need to study and how much emphasis you need to give different categories. That’s why we’ve added Categories to the “Performance” section of the QBank.

This detailed analysis of your performance in the QBank provides the information you need to drill down with intentional, specific, targeted study.

You won’t be guessing about what you need to study, and you won’t be worried that you’re studying the wrong topics — you now have specific data to point you in the right direction.

PANCE Preparedness

Much like the EOR exams, being able to focus your study by subject, system, and category will be a helpful tool in preparing for your PANCE exam. That is a given.

The real benefit for students comes with the length and consistency of study. 

Consider this . . .

  • You’ve been studying in your UWorld PA QBank during didactics
  • You’ve also been studying in your QBank in your preparation for EOR exams
  • In both instances, you’ve used the Categories feature to improve weaker areas

You are already way ahead of the game when you begin to prepare for your PANCE exam! While other students are essentially starting from scratch for PANCE prep, you’ve been preparing for over a year . . . without even realizing it.

Good luck on your didactics, clinical rotations, EOR exams, and PANCE exam. If you’ll be intentional and targeted in your daily review and your exam preparation, you’ll be well on your way to realizing your dream of becoming a PA.

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